Hit-and-run victim charged

By Christy Hutchings - bio | email

EFFINGHAM CO.,  GA (WTOC) - Here's a strange one. A hit and run wreck, and the guy they hit winds up charged with a crime. It happened on McCall Road in Effingham County.

Deputies found 55-year-old Michael Price. Police say he was riding down McCall Road when a car struck him, sending him crashing in the ditch. Price was slightly banged up, but seemingly ok. However, deputies thought he might be under the influence. They tested him, and the test said he was, according to police.

WTOC spoke with Price while he was sitting in the back of a patrol car. Price told WTOC, "I had been drinking a few beers over at a guy's house. I ain't high or nothing, just drank a beer."

Price also said that he was pretty upset that whoever hit him didn't stop to make sure he was ok.  "It made me feel like they didn't care nothing about me, just leave me for dead," said Price.

Price is charged with pedestrian under the influence. He won't go to jail, but he'll just have to appear in court.

As for the person who hit him, deputies are still searching for the driver.

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