Wildlife refuge to conduct controlled burns

Hardeeville, SC (WTOC) – Savannah National Wildlife Refuge plans to conduct several controlled burns during the fall and winter months. The goal of control burns is to enhance wildlife habitat and reduce the risk of wildfires on the refuge, according to the Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex.

The 2010 Annual Control Burn Plan includes 3,153 acres targeted for burning during the next three months. Burns are timed so they minimize impacts on wildlife and people.

Controlled burns are planned and carried out by trained firefighters operating under strict conditions. Weather conditions, including wind speed and direction, humidity, fuel moisture and other factors described in the plan must be within a certain range. If the weather conditions don't match the prescription, the fire is not started.

The refuge is not able to notify the public of the exact day the burn will be conducted. Call the refuge office with questions at 843.784.2468.

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