Voters sick of attack ads and phone calls

By Brian Entin - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Candidates are doing everything they can to get your vote…especially on the airwaves.

The advertisements are nearly impossible to miss, and so are the phone calls.

"Usually it happens around dinner time. They are recordings of someone wanting to tell you how good they are," Shirley Johnson said.

Everyone WTOC spoke with on Sunday said the attack ads and the recordings don't convince them of anything.

"I'm over it. I know this is part of it and we are going to have it. They have a lot of money to spend and I guess that is how they are going to do it," Denis Cooey said.

Campaigns and independent political groups have spent millions on airtime in Georgia.

"If they would deal with the issues and explain what they stand for rather than trying to make the other guy seem like the villain, then it would be more informative for the people," Jim Vandenburg said.

Many voters are looking forward to going to the polls and can't wait for the advertisements to end.

"I will be glad on Tuesday when all the decisions are made and we can go on with our lives outside of the politics on television and bashing of one party to another," Jacqueline Chavis said.

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