Editorial - 11/01/10

Let's see, America's debt is now over 13-trillion, with nearly a billion-dollars, a day, in interest alone.  4.4-millon unemployment claims. 1-million home foreclosures by year-end.  42-million Americans on food stamps.   And the President now admits, some 800-billion-squandered-tax-dollars later, that "shovel-ready" jobs really don't exist, using our redistributed-billions, instead, to bloat government and re-pay supporters.  Meanwhile, our morbidly-obese government continues to borrow and print money.  An Investor's Business Daily editorial wisely-concluded that "(Americans) know printing money, is not the same thing as creating wealth."  Add-in endless spending and tax hikes, with regulatory clamp-downs on free enterprise, and you get the government-fueled fear and uncertainty, that has  the nation's growth, at best, treading-water.

And who's to blame for this debilitating carnage?  We are, of course, say our elitist-royalty.  Said the President:   "(Americans) don't always think clearly when scared."  Thanks to you, sir, we are scared, but the blinding-fog of 2008 has finally burned-off, and, eyes-open, we'll no longer allow ourselves to be catapulted over freedom's cliff. Senator Kerry proclaimed that: "We've lost our minds."  Translation:  America's voters are stupid, for failing to see the positive in a Bloated- Big-Fed fleecing and suffocating us.  Said the Vice-President: "If we can't retain (control), you're going to see all the things we're changing come to a screeching halt. " Coincidentally, sir, that's exactly what responsible Americans want.  An end to the destructive, force-fed, bravo sierra.  It's "we the people," not you the government.  Unlike too few of our leaders and their pandering-parasites, nation-loving Americans value the traditions, achievements, and freedoms that God and history have bestowed upon our exceptional country.  You hold in your vote, the power to reverse the road to our ruin.  If you truly care about America, and have yet to vote, you simply must do so Tuesday.  And shame on you if you could, but don't. Vote as if the future health, well-being and liberty of your children and grandchildren depend on it.  They do.