Rally kicks off Freedom Week in Savannah

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Voting is a constitutional right for all U.S. citizens, but it took the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1960's to make that happen. The "Get Out and Vote" rally was held over the weekend at the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum as the start of Freedom Week in Savannah. The event was held in order to urge all people to get out and exercise their right to vote.

One man who played a big roll in that achievement in the 60's was a featured speaker during the 50th anniversary celebrating the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee's work in guaranting the right to vote.

"Fifty years ago that was not the case and a heavy price was paid for freedom. Freedom is not free and its no good unless you exercise it," SNCC Past Chairman Charles McDew.

Freedom week activities continue through Thursday. There will be a Founders Banquet and a celebration to honor Savannah's heroes of the Civil Rights Movement.

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