Top Teacher: Jeff Smith

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

BRYAN COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Can you speak a second language? It's not that easy for everyone, but one Bryan County High School educator is making sure his students excel in Spanish.

Students in Jeff Smith's Spanish I class are working hard and enjoying every minute of it.

"I always try to make Spanish interesting and fun cause I've sat in classes that were boring and same thing day after day and I always try to do something different,"said Smith.

Jeff, a Georgia Southern graduate, wasn't always a teacher.

"I was living in Miami and running a business using my Spanish everyday living in Miami, but just wasn't happy. There was like this something is still missing in life," said Smith.

It was when he returned to Georgia that he began to realize his future would be in the classroom and for 18 years he's loved it.

"When I go home I say I have made a difference yeah today I've made a difference in somebody's life and that gives me the sense of fulfillment," said Smith.

For his students, it's Mr. Smith's special style of teaching that matters.

"He's really helpful from the beginning of the class he's right there and he has personal anecdotes which makes it a lot easier to understand Spanish," Hartman told WTOC.

"Anybody can learn a language. For some it might be more difficult, but I believe every person can learn another language so I don't give up on them,"said Smith.

That's why Mr.Smith is now a WTOC Top Teacher.

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