Editorial - 11/04/10

Long-overdue recognition here at home for a genuine American hero.  One fateful day, during the Vietnam War, Metter, GA-native, Specialist Oscar Barker, Junior, courageously stood his ground, returning fire against the enemy, at the cost of his life, enabling his fellow 7th CAV soldiers to fall-back and seek cover.  More recently, his Sergeant in that fire-fight discovered that the ball had been dropped back then, and that Specialist Barker had never been officially recognized for his incredible battlefield valor, those many decades ago.

The Sergeant's efforts resulted in his receipt, last week, of the Silver Star, for combat gallantry, given to Mr. Barker's remaining relatives, presented to them by Congressman John Barrow.  On that special occasion, local veterans also placed flowers in Mr. Barker's memory at Metter's Veterans Monument, a tribute that bears his name.

There can be no greater sacrifice, nor gift, than to lay down one's life for comrades and country.  Specialist Oscar Barker has spent these last decades faithfully standing watch with the army of Almighty God.  With last week's presentation and honor, he now knows for sure, just how proud of him we are, back here on earth.  Blessed by his service and sacrifice, a life given for freedom, that we must never forget.