Flags along Broughton Street honor veterans

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The men and women of the military dedicate their lives to protecting us. Every year on Nov. 11 they're honored for the sacrifices they've made.

Keeping with tradition, the week prior to Veterans Day, dozens of flags are being hung high above Broughton Street to remember those veterans. Several members of the Veterans Council of Chatham County, Doug Andrews, Jimmy Ray and Bill Quinan, described what the flags are all about.

"As people go under those flags give them a salute and remember that those that lost and also their family members that supported them in their military efforts to make this country stay free and strong," said Andrews.

The more than 50 flags hanging above Broughton Street will definitely make passersby stop and think. Each flag has the name of a veteran who has passed and notes the time of service to our country.

"Those flags were actually draped over the coffin of those veterans that died and the families donated those flags to the Veterans council," said Ray.

And every year, it's these men members of the Veterans Council who make sure the flags are taken care of and placed properly above Broughton Street for everyone to see.

"Especially on a day when the sun is shining to see those American flags hanging and knowing it represents the freedom that those people that served in the military have given us so we can be here today," said Ray.

Quinan's father's flag flies above Broughton street every year for Veterans Day.

"It's wonderful I think his flag was put up the year I was Veteran of the Year so that was special to me," said Quinan.

And being Veteran himself makes it even more meaningful.

"Everyone of us living veterans look at them and just think about what they did for our country and to gain our freedom that we have today," said Quinan.

It's a true reminder of their service and sacrifice.

The flags that fly over Broughton Street have seen their share of bad weather so when they get too tattered to fly the Veterans Day Council retires them, and disposes of them with a proper and solemn ceremony.

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