Editorial - 11/08/10

Last Friday, marked the one-year anniversary of the Fort Hood massacre, the worst ever, at an American installation. Thirteen soldiers, many processing for deployment, were murdered, others wounded, as a treasonous officer, uttered the now-infamous radical-Islamic battle-cry, then gunned them down, a traitor to both his Army and nation.  Though bullets felled these proudly-serving Americans, it was really a virulent, mental-malignancy, spread nationwide, that sealed their fates that day.  An insidious, degenerating cancer that has attacked the very core of our freedom, sedating fact, truth, honesty, and common sense.  That cancer, of course, political correctness, still harmful, still untreated.  Fear of violating the PC-code, even when the cause is right, as heaven forbid, we hurt feelings, egos, or damage self-esteem, by stepping into career-altering pot-holes, despite, in this case, the persistent red-flags raised by this radicalized officer. Was the Army at fault? Yes.  Solely? No!  The blame rests within our society as a whole, with leftist-imposed muzzling of voice and action, resulting in the clearly-intended silence of, we, the lambs.

Now, one-year later, multiple lives and families shattered, meaningful court procedures have just now begun.  Why so long to adjudicate this clearly pre-meditated, heinous crime, one with ample witnesses, ballistics, and uttering  that tell-tale, radical phrase, on-scene, negating any real defense.  Citizen-right to a fair trial.  We get it.  But fairness goes both ways.  Justice delayed for the accused, means more injustice imposed on the victims. Years ago, a young powder-puff reporter asked Army General Norman Swartzkopf, if he thought it was possible to ever forgive the 9/11 terrorists.  With great restraint, the General responded:  "I believe that forgiving them is God's function. Our job is to arrange the meeting."  For that Fort Hood shooter, it's high-time we arranged the meeting.

While also taking control of the Senate, or at least making it veto-armored   would've been perfect.  For now, America has spoken, and the upcoming Republican leadership of the House will at least halt any further progressive insanity, and hopefully be the first step toward reversing the intended damage to our nation and future, already forcibly-shoved where the sun seldom shines.  More on the election, implications, and aftermath later on.