Editorial feedback - 11/01/10

In the first part of your editorial it is a little fuzzy.

14-trillion in direct debt and well over a 100-trillion in liabilities, like Medicare and Social Security.

IF ..... IF that money would not have been "stolen" by our politicians we would be in fairly good shape.

LBJ put the "trust funds" into the general funds, and, ever since then BOTH parties ran with it.

The government was "suppose' to buy Treasuary Bonds with that.

Every family in this country could get a new house, a new car and $ 2000.00 a month of SS and we would not even

have touched the principal sum, if the money was there.

Hahaha, not when crooks and gangsters run the show.

It is as you wrote: Our Bloated- Big-Fed is fleecing and suffocating us.

The cure will really hurt for many years.

First.   We have to throw all the crooks out. Election, after election, after election.

Second.   Stop spending.

Third.   Stop borrowing and printing, for printing devalues the currency.

Juergen Sievers
Midway, Ga.