Fireworks Fun On Your Computer!

Fireworks aren't always safe or legal, unless you get your fireworks show on the 'web. Like Phantom Fireworks? their site starts out with a blast. Obviously they are trying to sell fireworks, by getting you into their stores, not buying on line, since that's illegal in most places. Since you know they're around anyway, start with the safety pages. You'll want to see the tips collection, which again reminds you that they're illegal in many places, and a bad idea for kids, drinkers and pets.

Now for the fun stuff. They put together a neat collection of city skylines from around the world, some patriotic music, and a handful of fireworks you can pick and shoot. Decide on a location for your show, click on one of the colors in the circles at the bottom of the image, and see some simple pyrotechnics, in one of four colors. For the most bang for your buck, check the "options" menu, and keep the "automatic show" going, while you add in your own special touch.