Gulfstream's big event draws curiosity, speculation

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Gulfstream Aerospace is expected to make a big announcement next Monday morning. WTOC broke the news that "something" big is in the works here on

The question is, what the full scope of it? Speculation is running rampant.

Gulfstream is the subject of at least one item on the Savannah Airport Commission meeting agenda for Wednesday morning. Some clues may come to light.

Two items caught our attention. One is possible approval of leasing 160 acres of land to Gulfstream for 50 years. The other is a more secretive and mysterious, simply called Project X.

No names are attached to it, but it describes a company beginning construction of a facility near the airport, which would require closing McKenna Drive.

All this has lead to rumors swirling at businesses near Gulfstream.

"I'm hoping jobs. I'm hoping economy and build sales for everybody," Roger Glenn, Applebee's, told WTOC.

Glenn manages Applebee's down the street from Gulfstream Aerospace. They get a lot of Gulfstream employees who get a discount.

"Yes we do. Everyday," Glenn said.

They've heard about Gulfstream's big event next Monday, and internally, they have been told  new jobs, and lots of them, may be coming to the area.

"Hopefully that will bring more sales to our store and other businesses around here," Glenn said.

"Gulfstream is obviously one of the biggest economic corporations within our region and whenever they have any type of events like this we are always excited and anxious to hear what it is," Lynn Pitts, Savannah Economic Development Authority, told WTOC.

Pitts is tight-lipped on the possible Gulfstream announcement. "If I did know I wouldn't be able to tell you because it is the nature of the business. But, again, Gulfstream is big and they don't do anything they are not serious about," Pitts said. "We are excited about what we are going to learn next Monday."

Google searches and whispers link Gulfstream to a possible expansion of their plane production, last year, they rolled out their brand new G-650 planes.

SEDA's new president and CEO, Steve Weathers, even mentioned Gulfstream when talking about new jobs in the area.

"Just look at the last week or two. You have announcements from JCB, Mitsubishi, Gulfstream," Weathers told WTOC.

Gulfstream isn't confirming anything, only saying WTOC's invitation is in the mail. Pitts is hopefull.

"They wouldn't be doing something of this nature if it wasn't very positive. We think, and we hope," Pitts said.

"Waiting for Monday," Glenn said.

Whatever the announcement is, Applebee's and others, will be anxious to find out.

"Hopefully Gulfstream will keep striving so we can strive along with them," Glenn said.

The announcement of the event is also global news, even prominent on the Russian Gulfstream website. A simple google search has shown a lot of speculation about Gulfstream's plans to possibly be expanding production of their G-450 and G-550 planes.

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