Top Teacher: Donna Kennedy

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

BRYAN COUNTY, GA (WTOC) - Almost any job these days requires you to have computer and business skills. WTOC went to Bryan County High School where Top Teacher Donna Kennedy is preparing her students for the real world.

It's all about getting technology skills down to a fine science here in Donna Kennedy's computer applications class.

"What they should take from here is the basic knowledge of being able to use computers and understanding the applications of computer and why it's so important you do have computer skills," said Kennedy.

She says it's important they get it here, since some don't have computers at home.

"It gives every child exposure to a computer, access to a computer and knowledge of a computer," said Kennedy.

"A lot of the times they think, 'oh we are just learning it in here just to keep it in here,' but no you take this and run with it," said Kennedy.

Exactly what students like Micaiah Paulk are doing he nominated Mrs. Kennedy.

"She helps her students perform and helps them and shows them how they do their work step by step in the classroom and like she shows us extra and quick ways to do our work and never too busy to help us after class," said Paulk.

For 15 years Kennedy, a Georgia Southern graduate has been in the classroom not always teaching business courses. She has also taught math, science, english, and even social studies.

Mrs. Kennedy says no matter the subject she just loves being in the classroom.

"I love children and I think education is important and that is the foundation and the backbone of our success," said Kennedy.

For that, Donna Kennedy is a WTOC Top Teacher.

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