Hometown Hero--Daniel Mills

As the nation celebrates its birthday today, a tireless donor is also celebrating a birthday and milestone of his own. Daniel Mills has been a long time donor for the American Red Cross. The 86 year old Korean War Veteran has given a total of 497 donations of whole blood and platelets.

Jennifer Bowen of the Red Cross says, "Daniel has always impressed us, but 497 times, we did a little research he is the 16th oldest donor in the nation. Mills says he started as a young man, "I had given blood when I was 20 around the 1940's. I've been giving ever since."

Mills is a reflection of the best you can ask for in a donor and he's humble. "It doesn't hurt, you meet a lot of nice people, if you can assist someone do it. Come help."

Daniel Mills, this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

Reported by: Mike Cihla, mcihla@wtoc.com