Editorial Salute - 11/11/10

November 11th was originally known as Armistice Day, named for the armistice that, sadly for only a time, ended military hostilities in Europe, re-named Veterans Day in 1954, given the significant role American Forces played in both World War II and Korea.   This is the annual day on which we pause and pay tribute to the generations of courageous men and women who have put on the nation's uniform and taken up arms to defend our God-given freedoms, as well as fighting to deliver, or restore, liberty for citizens elsewhere in the world, forced to bend if not break, under the brutal iron-fist of tyranny.

There is simply no more noble, nor any-more vital national calling, then service in defense of home and country.  It's our brave, dedicated military members, from all five-branches, along with the all-important Merchant Marine in World War II, these veterans, alongside those currently serving, who've made possible, with God's grace, all that we're privileged to have, do, and enjoy in our lives.

We're reminded of one of the most poignant and true sayings ever committed to billboard and bumper sticker:  "If you can read this, thank a teacher.  If you're reading it in English, thank a veteran."

America's veterans, and those who currently serve, represent the very best of our nation.  We are thankful beyond words for the service and sacrifices made by our  military members, yesterday and today, who've devoted their lives, 24/7, to the protection of ours.  November 11th serves as our official day of gratitude for those who've served.  But do remember, that any day, is the right day, and time, to thank our veterans, and those in uniform who currently serve our great nation.