Hundreds of 3rd I.D. Soldiers to Return this Weekend

Hundreds of the Army's Third Infantry Division soldiers are now back with their families tonight. About six hundred soldiers arrived at Fort Stewart just before 11 p.m. Their families eagerly waited for hours, counting down the minutes until their return. As they marched in, the Fort Stewart gymnasium echoed with the happy sounds of soldiers reuniting with their loved ones. They scooped up children and babies and reached for spouses and parents they hadn't seen for months. Many looked tired from their long journey and time in the field, but obviously thrilled to be back with their families.

Most of the soldiers are with the 24th Corps Support Group, which provided support and supplies to front lines troops during Operation Iraqi Freedom. On Sunday, three hundred more Third Infantry Division soldiers are expected to return. WTOC will bring you their happy reunions coming up on THE News at Six and Eleven on Sunday.

Reported by Dal Cannady,