Editorial - 11/15/10

Why have some Americans become so stupid and sissified about expressing loyalty, patriotism, and gratitude for our incredible nation and glorious flag? What a shame to have to ask that anytime, let alone just days after Veterans Day, when we pause to honor those who've made it possible to fly our flag and live in cherished-freedom.   Few can ever remember so much controversy, so much opposition, so many pseudo-citizens, being so reluctant to display our flag or recite our pledge to God and our country.

At least twice, at the start of pre-election candidate debates, the audience had to vocally take control, in order to say the Pledge of Allegiance, because the moderators refused to initiate it.  The latter's insipid claims: it wasn't on the agenda, it was political, meant only to disrupt, or it would take too much time!  The 15-seconds required to repeat the oath in our heart in support of our nation, is too much time?  And since when did our pledge become "political," or a source of disruption?  Deflective excuses you'd expect from a spoiled child.  Thanks to those audiences for the spine it showed to do what's right.  And then, yet again, another residential dispute over displaying our flag.  An Idaho couple, after seeing their Army son depart for Iraq, bought a flag to display outside their condo, in honor of his service.  Not permitted, said the home owners association, "it's not about the flag, it's about the rules."  But it is about the flag, America's flag, the proper display of which must trump any such covenant.  After a blizzard of protest, claiming a "misunderstanding," the association backed down. With our recent election, we'll make the turn away from anti-America elitist-contempt back to America the great.  So let's re-install our backbones, re-ignite our pride, and be thankful.