Gulfstream fact sheet

Gulfstream fact sheet:

  • First opened in 1967, Gulfstream's Savannah headquarters includes initial-phase manufacturing of five aircraft models: the Gulfstream G650, G550, G500, G450 and G350
  • 1,000 additional Gulfstream jobs to be created by new expansion means more than 15 percent increase in jobs for Gulfstream's Savannah plant from its estimated 5,500 employees
  • The company is a subsidiary of General Dynamics, which is based in Falls Church, Va.
  • Gulfstream announced a $300 million expansion of its Savannah facility in March 2006 and later increased it to $400 million. That expansion was completed in 2009 and included the development of the largest general aviation aircraft maintenance facility in the world
  • Gulfstream met its commitment to hire 1,100 new employees as part of that expansion
  • In 2009, nearly 1,200 people were laid off -- most of them were in Savannah and Brunswick
  • The Savannah site includes the largest of the company's five final-phase manufacturing facilities and the largest of Gulfstream's 10 service centers

(Source: Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.)