Construction May Be Costing Businesses Thousands of Dollars

If you've driven on State Route 25 lately chances are you've seen the construction by the Georgia Ports Authority. But what is supposed to make life easier, is instead making life very difficult for some Port Wentworth business owners.

"Our business is off 20% after the road has closed. It's caused a hardship for people to come to this town," said Wentworth Sales owner John Atkinson.

Atkinson blames the road being closed as one of the reasons he's closing shop.

"It's a problem to make a decent income here. The roads are closed and the economy down. It's best to close down and go to another location," continued Atkinson.

You will hear the same story down the street.

"We're off at least 25-30%. All the traffic is routed around us, around the whole city," says Tom Lanier, owner of White Way Laundry.

But The Department of Transportation says the city was made aware of the construction.

"There was a public hearing informing everyone what was going on with the project," says James Brown of the Department of Transportation.

But Lanier says the information didn't trickle down to business owners.

"We've been give no consideration. I didn't think they could do this but they did," continued Lanier.

The D.O.T says they expect construction to be completed by early next year. "The road being blocked off is the cost of progress, and it was not our intention in anyway to inconvenience anyone," Brown continued.

Reported by: Hena Daniels,