Mayor issues recycle challenge to Savannah residents

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) –  The Savannah mayor issued a challenge to Savannah residents to increase their recycling participation by 5 percent by Earth Day, which is on April 22, 2011.

The challenge was made by Mayor Otis Johnson as part of Monday's Americas Recycles Day.  He called the effort the "5 For 5 Challenge."

Savannah's single-stream curbside recycling system launched in January 2009, which allows residents to toss aluminum, glass, plastic, paper and cardboard into one 96-gallon container without having to sort items, according to the city.

The city's recycling partner, Pratt Industries, sorts thousands of cans, bottles and paper products every day. Pratt pays the city $15 for every ton it delivers, and then ships the recyclables to be processed into new products.

Shawn State, director of sales and marketing for Pratt, said recycling at the facility has saved more than 150,000 trees since its opening two years ago. The plant has processed more than 20,000 tons of recyclables since 2009.

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