The Remainder Of 3rd Infantry Division Due Back By August

Military families are looking at news that their soldiers should be home with conservative optimism. "I've been waiting almost ten months for that first hug," said Vallery Linn. She has worked hard to keep life in perspective since her husband Captain Joe Linn was deployed in late September. "This is my part. This is my sacrifice as an Army spouse. He's doing his part," she said.

But she's hoping that the Army will stick to it's guns, that the 2nd combat brigade combat team will be home by August first. "Things change a the drop of a hat over there . WE though they were coming home late May, early June and then they were re-deployed to Fall. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but they are," said Vallery Linn.

WTOC caught up with Captain Linn last December in Kuwait. He was in good spirits. But, his wife says he's been looking forward to coming home. "I'm proud and I'm excited he's getting to do what he's trained to do. But it's been the scariest experience of my life to have my husband in harm's way," she explained.

Vallery has been staying positive. She's long been preparing for his homecoming. She bought him a new grill and is planning their annual luau. "I was hoping that this would be a welcome home party. I've been planning it since March," she laughed.

Homecoming day can't come fast enough. She says it's the little things she misses most. "Just to see him playing with the dog like he does every day after work. Just to wake up and have him there," Vallery said.

Reported by:  Holly Bristow

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team is scheduled to be returning to Kuwait by late July and re-deploy to Fort Stewart by August 1.