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MB Police: body found is not Brittanee Drexel

Myrtle Beach, SC -

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A badly decomposed body of an "older" female has been found in a grassy field Monday night, and Horry County Police are searching for clues to determine who the woman might be.

According to a police report, a teen and two friends were attempting to find sticks in order to build a fort along Palmetto Pointe Boulevard. The teen said as they were walking in the grassy area, they found what they thought was a dead body.

The teen said they told their friends, and the three of them ran away from the area to meet with the teen's mother, who then called police.

Kevin Bournique, 13, was one of the teens who discovered the body.

"We were walking and we started to smell something, but we didn't worry anything about it," Bournique said. "I turned around and when I [saw] that I was like Ashley look and she was like 'ah' and she just started freaking out."

Cheryl Hunt says the teens ran to her house to call for help.

"One of them thought it was a dead animal because of the smell so my husband thought they were just kidding," Hunt said, who added her older daughter later called police.

Officers followed the teen approximately 200 yards through the field and found what police say was a "small in stature", badly decomposing body laying face down in a low lying area.

"They've played back here in the woods all summer so I would have never expected to find somebody back there," Hunt said.

Officials with the Myrtle Beach Police Department tell WMBF News the body found is not that of missing teen Brittanee Drexel.

Tamara Willard, Horry County Chief Deputy Coroner, said the body found is that of an unidentified older female. She also said the victim was found with clothes between a size eight and a size 10.

An age range of the woman is unable at this time. The Coroner's Office believes the woman to be older because of evidence of graying hair, however, further tests will need to be done on the hair to determine if the graying hair is because of age or exposure to elements.

Willard also said hair begins to gray at different ages, depending on the person. A 30-year-old could show signs of graying hair.

The Horry County Coroner's Office and the Horry County Police Department are investigating the incident.

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