Lowcountry parents upset over possible school closing

By Jaime Dailey - bio | email

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - Shell Point Elementary School has been around for years and parents want to keep it that way.

"Our school always wins awards, we have great teachers, everyone is like a family," said Kristine Johnson.

The community school is a school of choice, winning the Palmetto Silver Award several times and is one of the few schools to make AYP, Adequate Yearly Progress. So many including the Kindwall family were shocked to find out their school could be closing.

"I'm really sad the school might close because our teacher, they are really nice to all of us and I don't want that to go away," said student Lillian Kindwall.

"We are angry about it, we are outraged about it," said Lisa Kindwall.

That's why parents packed the school library Wednesday night for a meeting with district officials.

"We have an excellent cohesive staff that's doing it right and we're going to tear it apart?," Kindwall stated.

District officials say they're facing a shortfall of more than $4 million. One option to save money, close this school and fill seats in under-enrolled schools.

"They're taking a school, an award winning school that happens to be in a wonderful location and they want to sell it, our children are not for sale," said Kindwall.

"They need to re look at the budget," said Adea Humphries. "They need to cooperate. County council, the school board, the administration need to cooperate, come together and sit down and figure this out, they do not need to close this school."

School district officials say the School Board is planning to make their decision by mid December but many parents say they're not going down without a fight.

"We will have our signs, our buttons, we will come with all of our Seahorse pride and we are going to fight for this family," said Michelle Mariano.

Parents are banning together and plan on making their voices hear at Tuesday night's school board meeting.

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