A Mighty Museum & Web site

All eyes are on the military in the Middle East these days, including, of course Hinesville's 3rd Infantry Division. But a few decades ago another group of brave people from right here at home fought for our freedom, and now you can see some of their story on the 'web.It's a look back in time, and a chance to see some of the people and places that changed our world.

The Mighty Eighth Air Force. The museum's a hit in Pooler, but now their website is getting a lot of hits from all over the world. Start with a history lesson, so you know these guys were a big deal. Formed on Savannah's Bull Street, just south of Forsyth Park, they flew the missions that turned the tide in World War II.  The site gives you a clear and simple summary of what they did and why it's so terribly important, from the first raids of the war, all the way to different wars, including the Cold War, and even current conflicts. Even so, the Mighty 8th was in it's heyday in World War II, so it's veterans are scattered to the winds. This site is organizing a way those brave men, and their families can keep in touch, it's a project under construction, and if you know somone in the 8th, you can help.  There's a collection of links to take you to the various units within the Mighty 8th,  as well as a list of groups organizing reunions.