Volunteer effort extreme at home makeover site

By Lynda Figueredo - bioemail

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The pressure is on at the Extreme Makeover site as crews are racing against the clock trying to get the home done in time to turn over the keys.

To build a house in less than a week it takes a lot of volunteers donating their various skills and resources.

"We catered for 300 people," said Texas Roadhouse Volunteer Bree Kirchman. "Chicken, salad and potatoes."

"We provided concrete for the foundation and slab," said Coastal Concrete volunteer Danny Nease.

"One of our members read on the website that Extreme Makeover was needing help with landscaping," said Trustee's Garden Club volunteer Diana Barrow. "A group of us decided to come and help."

Each one playing a unique and important role at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition site on 55th and Abercorn streets.

"We wired the whole house -- the pool, the electric gate -- everything electrical," said C.S. Hurd Electrical volunteer Kevin Cetting.

"We are making sure we are stocking these guys with coffee and tons of sugar, and just making sure they are fed," said volunteer Carrie Eddings-Foster.

Sometimes volunteers are helping in areas that aren't their expertise. "When we arrived, we realized they needed help with other duties," said Barrow. "They weren't ready for landscaping, so we are happy to help in anyway we can."

With construction going on around the clock at the Simpson home, many of the volunteers are spending very little time at their own homes.

When asked what keeps them going, Cetting said, "A lot of coffee and energy drinks."

"They are very dedicated. This is alot of work," said Kirchman.

Some are even thinking out of the box and making sure every detail down to the foundation is uniquely crafted for the Simpson family.

"When we started pouring the concrete I got with one of the finishers and he placed a bible in there," said Nease. The idea came from one of the Coastal Concrete employees as a surprise to the Simpson family.

The crew sealed a Bible in the base of the therapy room where miracle baby Zoe will be cared for.

"The Bible is in the foundation," added Nease. "So the house is built on the word of God, and it's all about the foundation. If the foundation is strong, everything else around it will be good."

A strong foundation for an even stronger family.

On Wednesday, Tripp Turner, vice president of J.T. Turner construction will hand over the keys of the finished house to the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition team to begin furnishing the Simpson home.

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