How would you like to win one million dollars?

By Brooke Kelley - bio | email

RIDGELAND, SC (WTOC) - What would you do if you won a million dollars?

Well, someone who purchased a raffle lottery ticket at a gas station in Ridgeland, South Carolina is a million dollars richer. Trouble is the winner has yet to come forward.

It's a drawing that happens only once a year where two people in the Palmetto State win $1 million through the South Carolina education lottery.

One of the winning tickets purchased Kangaroo Express in Ridgeland. Lee Carroll says he didn't purchase a ticket but wishes he did.

"They are lucky this time of day I mean the way jobs are and stuff nobody is working they are lucky,"said Carroll.

Harold Jest bought one of the raffle tickets from this Kangaroo Express and when we told him someone won.

"For real I thought your were were just joking really," said Jest.

Harold says he purchases raffle and lottery tickets all the time.

"That might make me want to spend more money now because somebody won but i know that's a real happy person if they from Jasper County," said Jest.

So far Jest says he's had pretty good luck.

"Fifty sometimes $100 sometimes, so it's not a bad store to come too-to play," said Jest.

But this most recent drawing has him and others, like Gregory Scott and Verine Jenkins, hoping they're next.

"I can live on that," said Jest.

"I bought a couple myself haha and hopefully I can get that luck,"said Scott.

"I love it. And I am gonna win one day. I am gonna win it," said Jenkins.

Staying positive hoping to win their prize while the rest of us wait for the million dollar winner to come forward.

There were lots of other winners all across the state of South Carolina, two $100,000 winners, 20 won $10,000, and 700 won $500.

The winning number is 00165290. Check to find if you won.

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