DaimlerChrysler Decision Tomorrow

By this time tomorrow, we'll know for sure if DaimlerChrysler will build its new plant in Pooler. But then what happens? If the auto making giant says yes to Chatham County, all kinds of things will be changing almost immediately. Construction crews are still working on what what may be the site for the van plant, with the final decision just hours away. If DaimlerChrysler's board approves the plan, it take a couple of years for us to see the new vans rolling off the line, but only a couple of months for us to see new jobs.

"It will be an enormous project," said Rick Winger of the Savannah Economic Development Authority. "There will probably be as many as 1,000 people on site, maybe 100 separate contractors to build something of this scale."

The next project--job training--will be starting at Savannah Tech this fall. This way the DaimlerChrysler workforce will be local. If you're thinking about taking classes to help get you a job at the plant, you might want to consider doing that soon, as classes start on October 1.

"We're trying to help our community get as many of the jobs as possible," said Winger. "It would be great if we got all of them."

Also within a matter of months, residents in other parts of the county will be seeing additions to their neighborhoods. New roads, better road maintenance, and much-needed emergency response personnel.

"We also got to increase the number of police we've got to have," said Mayor Buddy Carter of Pooler. "So all of those things that we've been planning on for many years now are really going to be sped forward some."

The company will be making its final decision by noon tomorrow. If all goes well, cars will be rolling off the assembly line in the spring of 2006.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen, nteigen@wtoc.com