Extreme Makeover bus arrives ahead of big reveal

Bus parked in front of house
Bus parked in front of house

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The Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus is on site waiting to block the view of the new Simpson home for the big reveal scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

With just a couple hours to go, crews are working hard to make sure every detail down to the shrubbery is just right.

"Organized chaos is the best way to describe it," said volunteer Ian Daphinee. "There is hundreds of people in there going in every direction."

"We are installing some decorative fixtures, putting some exterior trim," said J.T. Turner, volunteer site coordinator. "The designers are working their magic to move the family home."

Before the sun even rose over the Simpson family's new home, a wide selection of furniture lined Abercorn Street waiting to be selected by an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition designer.

"The little boys room has T.V. screens everywhere, it's ridiculous" said Daphinee.

"Each room is tailor made for the child and is make after taking their interest to heart," said West. "I think they will be overwhelmed."

At times, volunteers admit that they too felt overwhelmed trying to build the Simpson home from the ground up in less than a week.

"That was one thing we were scared of is how to do you control the quality of construction?" said West. "I will be honest with you there have been so many eyes on this throughout the process, I have been pleased with product."

Pleased by the outpour of helping hands from the community.

"We have anywhere from 15-50 people per six-hour shift," said West. "That is why I think I have the best job, because I get to work with them and hear their stories. I had Dustin Dauphinee's family from Calvary come out and volunteer. They said they wanted to give back to the community, because they have been good to them. It is stories like that, that makes this great."

"[I] can't wait for the Simpson family to see it," said Dauphinee. "They are going to love it and I am praying for Zoe."

By 8 a.m. a crowd of spectators began to gather to find the perfect spot to see the big reveal.

"We were out here since 3:15 this morning," said Elizabeth Heppel. "It got a little chilly then we came back."

"Just to see how amazing the community is working for a family that has given so much to the community," said Christina Howell.

"I am going to cheer and cry with them," said Heppel.

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