Trees dedicated to pair of soldiers at Warriors Walk

By Dal Cannady - bio | email

FORT STEWART, GA (WTOC) - The families of Specialist John Carrillo and Private First Class Gebrah Noonan made the solemn visit to Warrior's Walk Thursday.

Loved ones and fellow soldiers gathered at memorial Eastern Redbud trees to remember Carrillo and Noonan, who died in Iraq back in September. Fellow soldiers from 3rd Battalion 15th Regiment gathered on a day when words may have been tough to find. A third soldier, Specialist Netfaly Platero, remains in custody in Iraq charged with killing them. Commanders tried Thursday to offer words of comfort to so many wondering why.

"None of us know where our lives will take us. Perhaps the most important part is to put ourselves, as Kerouac put it, 'on the road' into the experience of living our lives as best we can," offered Brigadier General Jeffrey Phillips, the 3rd Infantry Division's deputy commander.

"And if, as may happen as did happen, we encounter a dark turn on the road. It may be hard, it may be impossible to make sense of that darkness try as we all might," he added. "In this we can have faith, that we took life with both hands and lives it well lived it to the full meaning and left the world better."

General Phillips said both Carrillo and Noonan left Iraq and the world a better place for their service. The newly planted trees bring the total number within Warriors Walk to 436.

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