Homeless shelter, The Austin House, basement cleaned

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC)- More volunteers were hard at work Saturday. This time, cleaning out the basement at the Economic Opportunity Authority's, Austin House.

Over the years, it has gotten a little disorganized. So, volunteers helped them go through the old donations to clear the way for new donations.

The Austin House is a homeless shelter for families. They can stay up to two years, while employees help get the families back on their feet.

Charles Bogle, an intern, said, "It's wonderful. You know, they didn't have anywhere to go at one point. We were able to take them in and they were able to turn their lives around, find good jobs and take care of their children."

The Austin House can always use the donations. They take food, children's toys, and/or clothes. You can drop them off at the shelter.

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