Coming up on THE News at Daybreak: Happy homecoming at HAAF

The celebrations continue at Hunter Army Airfield as more of our 3rd Infantry Division Troops make their way back onto U.S. soil just before the holidays. We'll take you to the latest welcoming.

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is cracking down on an illegal form of hunting. We'll tell you what that is and what they're doing this morning.

A wildfire continues to burn in south Georgia, spreading smoke and smog across several counties. We'll have the latest on what firefighters are trying to do to stop it.

South Carolina's Internet Task Force surpassed a major milestone, catching more than 200 suspected child predators. Hear what Attorney General Henry McMaster had to say about the accomplishment.

Georgia governor-elect Nathan Deal continues to piece together his transition team. We'll tell who what Deal says the team's priorities will be.

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