Bluffton Outskirts to Be Annexed?

Some are officially asking to become part of Bluffton. More than 100 people signed a petition asking for voluntary annexation of Simmonsville Road and Buck Island Road. They presented it to the town council yesterday.

The neighborhoods are on the fringe of town. If annexed, residents will have access to more infrastructure, like sewer service. The town also wants to add the Belfair Towne Village shopping area to the petition.

"It is a commercial area, has no voters in it, so it--really in our mind, the town's mind--doesn't materially change the petition," said town manager Bruce Behrens.

There's some concern that the addition of Belfair Towne Village will make the petitions null and void, but town council isn't too worried about it at this point.

For the neighborhoods to even be considered for a voluntary annexation, at least 25 percent of the people living there have to sign the petition. We'll let you know what they decide.

Reported by: Chris Cowperthwaite,