Editorial - 11/22/10

Anti-flag flying syndrome struck again, this time at a California middle-school, when, two-weeks ago, a 13-year old rode his bike there with America's flag attached, in tribute to veterans, especially his grandfather.    School officials told him to remove it, fearing "tensions" related to students bringing Mexican flags to school for Cinco De Mayo.  Thanks to media and Internet coverage, a barrage of protests followed, forcing a reversal of that pandering decision.  All the sweeter, a large contingent of military vets on motorcycles showed up at that young student's home a few days later, and escorted him to school, with American flags mounted, proudly flying.  Those great veterans share a bond with their patriot-comrades, across the nation, who provide honor-guards for processions of our fallen, and who, by their presence, help keep the nut-cases away from military funerals.

Time, then, for a brief civics lesson.   This is the United States of America.  The only national flag to be flown, the only one that matters here, is the American flag.  Whether a citizen, or a legal-immigrant, it's your obligation to assimilate, fully accepting our traditions, laws, and especially our language, which, as a reminder, is English.  Having pride in your heritage is fine. Many here do.  But that stops with flaunting the flag of another nation, with the intent to intimidate or cause dissention.  If you're here illegally, go home.  If you're documented, but can't assimilate fully, then you, too, need to go home.  Being in America is a blessing and a privilege.  There's no greater on earth.  Regardless of  background, if you're unable to be or become a respectful, productive citizen, loyal to but one nation, this one, you need to leave. We don't adjust to you. You adjust to us.  And that means, for instance, thinking a whole lot more about the 4th of July, than the 5th of May.