Share your TSA security experience on Twitter

The Transportation Security Administration is coming under fire for its tighter security measures. Airline passengers traveling over the Thanksgiving weekend will be undergoing these security checks.

Several stories this week have some outraged over TSA patdowns and screenings. Groups are even calling for a boycott.

We want to hear from you. Share your airport security experience on Twitter.

Starting on Tuesday, send a tweet to @WTOC11 on the time it took you to get through security -- from the time you got in line until the time you put your shoes back on.

Here's how to participate via Twitter:

1) Include the hashtag #TSAexp in your tweet.

2) Include details and be specific. (Example tweet: @WTOC11 It took me 30 min. at #MIA at 2 pm because I opted out of full-body scanner for #patdown. #TSAexp)

3) Include the airport's three-letter code where you were screened (Example: #PHI, #SFO, #FLL). Here's a link to airport codes.

Feel free to offer as many details and quotes about your experience as you would like. These tweets may be used online and on air, so no foul language or profanity.

Questions? Send us a tweet!

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