Marine Squadron to Return from Japan

The troops in and around Iraq are getting all the attention, but others are far from home. On the other side of the world, a Beaufort Marine squadron, VMFA 122, the Crusaders, is right now heading home from Japan. Families can hardly wait, and are making sure everything is in place for the Crusaders when they finally make their way to Beaufort after serving a year in Iwakuni, Japan. Their deployment that lasted six months longer than expected.

For Sheena Prior, this extra six months away meant canceling her wedding plans.

"We had everything planned, our honeymoon planned, and we had to cancel it all," she told us.

Sheena and her now husband LCpl. Justin Prior did get married during his leave time. However, she says they have only seen each other a few days since their marriage began in January.

"We email each other and he calls, so that helps," Sheena said.

But now that the Crusaders are scheduled to arrive home soon, Sheena is getting excited.

"I just moved here last week, so I'm just excited about taking him home to see our house and just being together," she said. "Everyday I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about how soon it is."

The Crusaders are scheduled to arrive home in Beaufort hopefully some time next week. The Bengals of Marine All Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 224 will be leaving this week to replace them in Japan.

Reported by: Jaime Dailey,