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Plant Site Attractive to Others

One day after DaimlerChrysler postponed its vote on building a plant in Pooler, trucks are rolling in as usual at the proposed site. Everywhere you look, workers are busy preparing the as planned. The postponement of the big announcement isn't stopping much.

"We are still anxious for them to come," said Rick Winger of the Savannah Economic Development Authority. "They'll be the greatest corporate neighbor you could ever have in the future, and some day we'll forget we had this delay."

Winger says the postponement even has a silver lining, giving them more time to prepare the community.

"We have been working on a lot of activities to be ready for them when they do move here," he said.

While most of the construction at the DaimlerChrysler site is pretty much full speed ahead, one group did decide to postpone its involvement with the site preparation. The City of Savannah has decided to hold off putting in the water and sewer lines.

"A postponement on that is just a prudent thing," said Winger. "Don't spend money before you need to."

One thing that isn't stopping is the growing interest in Chatham County as a location for other big businesses. SEDA says it has been busier than ever with inquiries.

"The publicity that comes with a major company like this saying Savannah is good enough for us, then there's other companies that know Savannah is good enough for them, too," said Winger.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,

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