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Wild Week + On The Water!

It's the place to party for the next ten days or so, the 48th annual Beaufort Water Festival . All the fun starts on the water front, but pops up all over town, and even on the World Wide Web. The water festival web page is almost as long running a tradition as the festival itself. At least in Internet years.

The first thing you'll want to see is what's going on, when and where, and the festival has a very thourough schedule, you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it, but it's no biggie, and the software's free. They also have a schedule for free rides to the big festival events, a good thing since parking can be tight, this will save you a lot of hassles. They have info on the entertainers playing through the festival so you can pick your favorite shows.

If you don't want to just sit back and watch, hit the registration page, where you'll find forms and info on all the things you can actually do during the festival, from tournaments to tours. You might be too late to sign up for some things, but you can check them out and plan ahead for next year. They'll also tell you a little bit about how the festival started. And they're posting pictures of events soon after they happen, so you can see the fun you're missing if you don't head to Beaufort over the next ten days.

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