Bodies Found in Evans County

A shocking discovery may provide answers to what happened to two cousins missing since may. Local, state, and federal agents dug up the remains of two people this afternoon in Evans County near Claxton. The two unidentified bodies were found right next to the cars that have been missing as long as their owners.

Family members say John Bacon left home after a phone call from his cousin Dwayne Bacon, and neither of the two or their cars had been seen since. Investigators got their big break in the case when someone spotted the two cars behind a home, literally in the woods off Ben Hodges Road in Evans County.

Near the cars, they found fresh dirt, and a cadaver dog confirmed remains were underneath. Agents cleared the brush and checked the woods for any other clues. With a forensic anthropologist, they sifted through dirt until their suspicions were confirmed: the remains are those of two adult bodies.

There is no way to confirm that they are the bodies of John and Dwayne Bacon at this point. "We have to wait for forensics and DNA testing, stuff like that," explained Dep. Randall Tippins of the county sheriff's office.

As disturbing as the discovery is, investigators hope they find something in the remains that will point to whoever is responsible for the deaths. Tippins says it could take a few days to a week to identify the bodies. They did notify the families of what happened today. The only thing authorities would say was that there was evidence of some kind of foul play in the cars they found. They also ask if you have information about this case, call your local authorities.

Reported by: Dal Cannady,