Cyber Monday draws warnings about where you shop

By Don Logana - bio | email

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Have you been clicking away on Cyber Monday? More than 106 million people are expected to do online shopping on Monday. Some of you may still be shopping.

While many will be shopping from home, others could be taking a big risk, using free WiFi in coffee shops and other locations.

Deals, sales and bargains are just a click away.

Cyber Monday is something new for Tena Kearby. "This is my first year and the main reason is to avoid the malls and the traffic and the people," Kearby told WTOC.

Kearby brought her laptop to Galleria Espresso in downtown Savannah, got comfortable with a cup of coffee and went GPS hunting.

"I have certain web sites I go to. I go through them and they have a very good fire wall, so that's good," Kearby said. "Every once and a while something will come through my virus detector to tell me it is an unsafe site. So I will click on that."

Coffee shops, however, are on the list of places experts say may not be safe for online shopping, especially on Cyber Monday. Lisa Robinson with Wells Fargo says unsecured WiFi can leave your login and passwords open to hackers. So, be smart about what information you share.

"You don't need to post your full birth date or your mother's maiden name or your kid's names, pets names, because those are definitely cues to some of your online identity," Robinson said.

"Well I've been coming here for a while and I have had no problems. So I think it is pretty safe," Kearby said.

The big attraction for Kearby, and millions of others, on Cyber Monday are the free shipping deals.

"That's the main thing they have been saying on TV, make sure you get the free shipping," she said.

Kearby found her GPS, at a bargain and free shipping.

"I have found some really good deals. I am looking for a TomTom right now and I found one at a good price, about $50 off," she said.

Now keep in mind, some of the Cyber Monday deals expire at different times throughout the day, and may not be valid anymore, while many sites are going to continue the deals all week long.

As you hit the Internet to snatch up those Cyber Monday deals, here are some tips to keep you safe while surfing the web:

  • Make sure the web site you're buying from is secure.
  • Never use your debit card, using a credit card makes it easier to dispute charges.
  • Make sure you're familiar with the retailer.
  • Check the URL for secure sites. It should say "https://" not just "http://"

Another place to look for savings are on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Retailers are spreading the word about deals to their loyal fans. Also, check out and

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