Editorial - 11/29/10

Earlier this month, America's voters leaned out their collective window and shouted they weren't going to take it anymore.  What followed was a full-blown, top-to-bottom House-cleaning, the most liberal dust-busting in decades.  But before we can begin pressuring the new conservative majority to deliver on our expectations and their promises, we must first pressure the current administration and Congressional leadership not to deliver on any more of theirs!  Critical, because despite the electoral-tsunami, that swept over the nation, minus the Northeast and California, our orbiting 57th state, the radical left still refuses to get it. 

Unable to erase the handwriting on the wall, ultra-lib-leaders convinced themselves that the American public was simply too stupid to realize the blessing of an all-powerful, Kremlin-esque, central government.  Then, the President concluded he simply hadn't explained the implosion of the nation's health-care system well enough, pinning public rejection on faulty communication, not destructive policy.  Even Mrs. Pelosi convinced herself that the Dem's dunk-tanking, had nothing to do with her. Their collective, and intentional, no-fault conclusion is what makes this dead-duck legislative session one of desperation, thus, danger.  From ignoring expiring tax-cuts during economic struggle, to the alleged back-door amnesty of the proposed DREAM Act, to America's nuclear-neutering by the security-endangering START Treaty,  Republicans and reality-minded Democrats need to man the Constitutional high-walls, hot oil at the ready, as the ultra-lib-siege against America's traditional structure and freedom continues.