SFES issues winter fire safety tips

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Savannah Fire and Emergency Services issued winter fire safety tips.

SFES offers free smoke detectors and installation for homeowners within the city of Savannah. Firefighters will also perform home safety checks to help minimize fire dangers in the home.

SFES offered these safety tips:
Home Heating Systems should be professionally inspected, cleaned and serviced at least every other every year.

Check the space heater owner's manuals for general maintenance and cleaning instructions. Each season before using space heaters; inspect them for proper operation and damage, including the power cord. It is more economical to replace older units than to have them repaired. Newer units are safer and more economical to operate. Discard old and/or faulty space heaters in a way that they cannot be used by someone else.

Never use any type of fuel powered heating device inside a closed structure. They are fire safety threat, and propane and kerosene powered heaters emit carbon monoxide (an odorless gas) which can accumulate rapidly in an enclosed area.

Smoke detectors require some basic maintenance to make sure they will work properly. Nuisance or false alarms are the No. 1 cause for battery removal and are usually caused by installing units too close to the kitchen and or heating vents. Relocate units near or inside sleeping areas to prevent false alarms.

Replace the smoke detector battery when necessary or once a year.

Clean dust and cobwebs from around the smoke detector cover to let air flow inside.

Replace units that are 10 years old.

Push the test button once a month to make sure it works properly.

Have an escape plan and practice it each year or anytime living arrangements change in the home. Designate one meeting place for everyone to gather after evacuating.

Children need to know how to save themselves when no one can help them.

Call SFES at 651-6758 to schedule smoke detector installation or fire safety checks.

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