Students perform play to celebrate Arbor Day

BEAUFORT, SC (WTOC) - This Friday is Arbor Day in South Carolina and to celebrate students at Riverview Charter School took the stage at Waterfront Park to perform their play "Nuts".

The play was about the lifecycle of trees and what it takes to make it grow. The first and second graders have been learning all about the life cycles and intergrating it into their play.

"It starts off as a seed and then it starts to sprout and then it grows root hairs and then it starts to come up as little green leaves," explained first grader Ella Heyward.

After the play, students helped the City of Beaufort plant five Black Tupelo trees at the corner of West and Prince streets in Beaufort. The trees were donated by a number of organizations, including the city. One of the trees was planted in honor of John Gettys who lived in the area.

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