Cameras to Shoot Red-Light Runners

Savannah police are cracking down on a common and potentially dangerous problem: people who run red lights. Police say certain intersections, like the one at Abercorn and White Bluff, are much too large for one officer to patrol. With so much traffic coming through, a lot of people don't like waiting for the next green light. Busy intersections are popular locations for people running red lights. Now the city is cracking down on violators.

"We want people to be aware that running red lights does cause accidents," Lt. Jimmy Stevens of Savannah PD.

While most people watch for cops, new cameras will soon be watching drivers and it will be taking pictures of cars running red lights.

"Because this is not considered a moving violation, the violation is on the vehicle and not the driver," explained Sean Brandon, Savannah's city management coordinator.

This is good news for those who don't want any more points on their driving records, but bad if it's your car, because the citation will be mailed to your house even if you're not driving it. And if your car's guilty it will cost you.

"Seventy dollars, which is fairly kind depending on how much it would probably be if you were stopped by a police officer," said Brandon.

So if you don't want to be caught on camera, slow down and it just might save you some money and possibly save lives. We are told by city officials that these red light cameras should be up and running at the end of this month. Since the intersection of Abercorn and White Bluff is the first to be tested, if it proves successful, more will be installed throughout the city.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,