Editorial Salute - 12/2/10

The Christmas season just got a whole lot sweeter for Beaufort's Pat Green.  Pat owns The Chocolate Tree, located in downtown Beaufort, a business she's nurtured and grown for over 30-years.  Beyond the treats made fresh for her loyal legions of customers, Pat Green has now been inducted into the International Candy Hall of Fame, joining an elite group of candy-making legends world-wide.  She called the honor, and her recent induction in Florida,  an "amazing" experience.  "It's as close to the Academy Awards as I'll ever get," said she.  Our congratulations to Beaufort's Pat Green for achieving this Hall of Fame honor, and for her 30-plus years of small business operation, providing the members of her community and beyond with creative and delicious chocolate treats.

And speaking of sweet and sweethearts, the men and women of the Third ID's Fort Stewart-stationed, First Brigade Combat Team are now returning home, almost daily, from their year-long deployment in Iraq.  It's anticipated that most, hopefully all, of these great soldiers will be back here by Christmas.  For their loved-ones, that's the best gift Santa could possibly bring.  Welcome home to First Brigade.  Your return makes your families and our communities mighty thankful and proud.