Third ID Wives Urge Support

While many of the troops are returning home, some are staying behind in the Middle East for a longer deployment, and that has many military wives upset. Some spouses are complaining that their loved ones are still over there, and it's not fair. And some wives of soldiers from past and present wars say they are sick of these complaints and these women need to start showing more support.

"Military service is like your fireman and policemen, it goes along with doing the job," Brenda Fitzgerald of Riceboro said. Her husband served three tours in Vietnam, and she has this advice: "Those that are the best toughed it out."

Some Third ID wives agree. Their husbands are the ones staying behind in the Middle East, and they don't like the negative talk either.

"It's they're job, it's what they do and there's nothing we can do about it, so we just focus on the positive and try to make the best of it," said Susan Raisins.

"The Army has them over there regardless, we can do hard time or easy time and the best we can do is make it easier, keep things safe and sound here," said Terrie Kirby.

These ladies say they hope the few naysayers keep supporting this mission, no matter how long their husbands are gone because it's their husband's job to defend our country.

"I think we're the majority, we show we are getting things done and have everyday things accomplished and we have support for each other," said Jeanette Ballanco.

The wives tell us their husbands still need support from you, so keep the boxes coming, and they say powdered drinks and protein bars and pictures are the packages of choice.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,