Dog Gone? Here's A Place to Start Your Search!

If you have pets, you know they become part of the family. And if you've ever lost a pet, you know how hard it is on everyone. There's a new resource to the rescue for missing animal friends, Missing Pets.   It's a simple, non-profit site that could save you a lot of grief.  The whole purpose is to reunite people and their lost pets. Since it is non-profit, there's no charge for the service.

Say you find a dog in the neighborhood that looks like it's just lost, not running wild. Enter some basic information like state and zip code and breed if you know it, and up pops a list of dogs reported missing in the area, with descriptions and where their owners last saw them. Some even have pictures.

If the dog you found isn't there, do the right thing and go to the section to report him found. Again, simple, basic information, they promise not to reveal your name, just put you in contact with the pet owner when they turn up. This site is only as strong as the people who put the information in, so help them out, and if you find a missing pet, give the family a chance to get back together. It's also a good reminder about things we should do for our pets, like make sure they have collars with nametags and current information. Just like with your kids, it helps to have a current photograph and an accurate description so when your best friend turns up across the street or across town, someone will know where to look, especially if they start on the World Wide Web.