Is There A Doctor In The House? On The 'Web?

Do you ever have a question about your health, or some medical issue, but don't really want to bother your doctor about it? There's a new resource on the 'Web that has lots of answers, and best of all, it's free!

It's the Doctor Internet. Unlike most medical sites you find on the 'web these days, this one is simple, and straightforward. No fancy graphics, no annoying popups, just the facts.

While simple is good, the site does need a little explanation, and they have great instructions to walk you through, step by step, how to find what you're looking for.

If you want to jump right in and you know what you're looking for, they have a collection of information on more than four- thousand medical conditions, listed alphabetically, and sorted right there for you.

Since we've talked so much about mosquito- borne diseases lately, I picked encephalitis, and found a basic description, and then a whole series of links for more in- depth information. This is also where all the real information is... collections of links on the topic, broken down into groups you're likely interested in.

Click "research", and you get scholarly journals and their offerings on encephalitis.

Click "Internet" and you get another search, obviously, of websites covering the topic.

Finally click "news" and you get recent stories on the disease. Very thorough.

The same basic format continues through the system, so you can see published works on encephalitis, current trends in treatment, clinical trials for patients willing to take a risk and possibly help doctors cure the problems. Even diagnosis, prevention, and therapy are covered. Tons of information, even to the point, at the very bottom, where you can find out how diseases affect your pets. Just about everything you can imagine, already set in search engines and ready to go. And remember, this is just the basic section, and the pre-selected searches and links. There's tons more information once you get the hang of it.