Editorial - 12/06/10

Earlier this year, the President signed a new, unilateral, Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, called "New START," which must still be ratified by the Senate.  So it's cram-down time again for lemming Senators rushing for a last-minute vote.  This is a flawed, woefully-naïve, dangerous, 10-year treaty, that we must stop now, pending far more scrutiny.

For starters, it apparently requires the U.S. to dispose of 150 strategic delivery platforms, that's our ICBM's, bombers, and subs, to reach a mandatory 700-platform limit, allowing the Russians, then, to actually add 130 more!  While they play catch-up, our defensive-response capability is weakened, especially since most of our platforms are dual-use nuke and conventional.  Next, the treaty makes no mention of containing tactical nukes, a category of weaponry where Russia currently holds a 10-to-1 advantage.  And what about missile defense?  The Kremlin claims the language prohibits us from further development and deployment of defensive missile-shielding.  The White House disagrees.  Such differences up-front demand clarification before passage.  Even the ability to modernize our aging nuke-arsenal is in question.  Worse, none of this applies at all to the real villains: Iran & North Korea.

This treaty reflects the President's perhaps-laudable, but flat-out impossible-dream of a nuke-free planet.  Great concept in a child's world, sheer folly in the real one. It's as foolish as gun control.  Taking the guns and nukes away from the good guys, leaves them solely in the hands of thugs and tyrants.  Overpowering-strength is a proven deterrent; known-weakness, a written invitation.  Mr. Putin said we'd be "dumb" not to pass New START.  Reason enough to insist your Senators stop the rush.  Failure hands the far-from-trustworthy Russians, a 10-year, home-field advantage.