Robin Heidt's sister-in-law testifies

SPRINGFIELD, GA (WTOC) – The wife of Robin Heidt's brother testified Tuesday morning.

Craig Heidt is on trial for the August 2008 fatal shootings of his father, Philip, and brother Carey. His mother, Linda, was shot, but survived.

Robin Heidt, Carey Heidt's widow, testified last week about her affair with Craig Heidt. Her brother John Henry Raft committed suicide in September.

Raft's wife, Rosalinna Raft, testified that she and her husband were in Charleston on night of the slayings. Prosecutors asked about her husband dying.

Rosalinna Raft talked about one night in which Craig Heidt was at their house after the slayings. Craig Heidt was talking about moving with Robin and her children to north Georgia. Rosalinna Raft testified that her husband told her that he told Craig Heidt: If you get arrested, leaving Robin in north Georgia wouldn't be good. She testified that Craig Heidt replied: If I'm going she's going with me.

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