Island Business Prepare for G-8

The King & Prince
The King & Prince

Hotels in the Sea Island area are already busy taking reservations for people eager to attend the G-8 summit.

"My phone has been ringing off the hook already," said Sue Garwood, general manager of the Best Western. "I knew that was going to happen once that official announcement came out."

Since the official announcement was just made, hotels like the King & Prince aren't sure what to expect now that the area will be welcoming more than just summer vacationers.

"We know it's going to be great, we're looking forward to it and we're excited," said King & Prince GM Michael Johnson. "We're just waiting for additional information."

The information these hotels do have is that more than 7,000 rooms will be needed. So at least they're sure of big bucks and new business. Best Western manager Garwood is looking forward to "a lot of great visitors that are going to have an opportunity to come in that would not have before."

Hotels aren't the only ones busy preparing. Walking through the heart of St. Simons Island, you'll find restaurants and shops are also getting ready.

"I hope it brings more business to this area, because this summer's been kind of slow and we could definitely use the help," said Mark Popwell, who manages the Brogan's restaurant.

"I'm glad to know that we have prior warning that they are coming so that we can get ready for them," said Phyllis Buffkin, manager of the Island Republic shop. "Make sure we're covered with salespeople, with merchandise, and everything." Buffkin hopes visitors from around the world will take home a piece of St. Simons.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro,